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MapMaker Kits offer K-12 students the opportunity to work with key mapping concepts at a variety of scales and to see the world in new ways. Unique large-scale maps allow students to immerse themselves in the exploration of dynamic environmental and cultural aspects of the world. MapMaker Kit activities engage students in the manipulation and analysis of a variety of geographic information sets, helping them build skills in critical thinking, the representation of data, and mental mapping.

Each kit enables the user to download, print, and assemble maps of the world, individual continents, and the United States in a variety of sizes. Mega maps occupy a large wall, or can be used on the floor; projector maps give you some flexibility about sizing; the tabletop map is good for small group work, and the one-page outline maps are perfect for individual work.

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Symbiotic Relationships in Marine Ecosystems

Students analyze videos to make observations about species, populations, and communities of organisms and discuss their symbiotic relationships. Then ...

The World Ocean

Students investigate the interconnectedness of the ocean and Earth's physical and human systems through videos, discussions, writing, and mapping. The...

Fisheries and Seafood Consumption

Students identify and characterize important fishing regions on a world map. Then they use an online interactive to research the location, sustainabil...

Fisheries Sustainability

Students identify the issues and terminology related to fisheries sustainability and explore the impacts those issues have on specific United States f...

Guess the Place

Students play a guessing game, using questions and maps, to identify the name of a city, state, country, or major physical feature in a continent of y...

Locate Yourself on a Map of the Americas

Students locate themselves on a map. They explore spatial relationships among geographic features that are nested inside one another, such as countrie...

Major Languages of the Americas

Students identify major languages spoken in the Americas, map them, and discuss the relationship between the distribution of languages and the colonia...

Mapping Ocean Currents

Students apply information about the Ocean Conveyor Belt to predict the movement of a spill of rubber ducks in the ocean.

Mapping the World's Watersheds

Students label major rivers and outline watersheds on a world map. They compare the shapes of various watersheds and discuss how topography influences...

Our Hydrosphere

Students investigate the interconnectedness of Earth's water reservoirs by learning about the hydrosphere. They then discuss ways in which humans are ...

Protect the Blue: Marine Protected Areas

Students compare percentages of protected land and protected ocean and discuss the value of marine protected areas.

Describing Europe the Continent

Students apply the language of location to places on a map of Europe.

Endangered Animals of the Americas

Students select an endangered or threatened animal to research, locate it on a map, and create a persuasive essay or poster to convince others to help...

Exploring Modern Human Migrations

Students research the causes of several modern migrations, and create a map showing these migration routes.

Water Quality Degradation in the Ocean

Students investigate causes of water quality degradation and analyze the relationship between harmful algal blooms, toxic algae, and dead zones. They ...

United States Physical MapMaker Kit

Download, print, and assemble maps of the physical United States in a variety of sizes. The mega map occupies a large wall, or can be used on the floo...

Build the Future - Intro Video

Enjoy this short, dynamic video about the world of engineers and engineering. Build the future -- be an engineer!


Not long ago, the ability to see and move a single atom or molecule fell within the realm of science fiction. The ever-growing field of nanotechnology...

Nevada Tabletop Map

Download, print, and assemble a tabletop map of Nevada.

South Dakota Tabletop Map

Download, print, and assemble a tabletop map of South Dakota.

Arkansas Tabletop Map

Download, print, and assemble a tabletop map of Arkansas.

Using MapMaker Kits

Find ideas for classroom activities using mapping tools.

Geography of a Pencil

Students map the origins of a pencil, predict and map trade and transport networks, and relate what they learn to globalization.

Mapping Marine Ecosystems

Students investigate types of marine ecosystems, identify examples of these ecosystems and their characteristics, and locate the ecosystems on a map o...