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Erie Canal

A map of the Erie Canal in New York.


The Last Voyage of Henry Hudson

Students view a famous painting and analyze its details. They investigate the circumstances that led to Henry Hudso...


Hudson River: Land Rights and Conflict

Students watch videos, analyze maps, and investigate the history of land transfer and conflict between the Dutch an...


Exploring Early Manhattan Through Art

Students analyze two paintings by artist Len Tantillo depicting early Manhattan in the 1650-1660s. Then they discus...


Mapping Diversity in Old and New Netherland

Students watch video segments to learn about the 17th century Dutch colony of New Netherland. Then they map the sou...


Hudson River: A Good Place for a Settlement

Students watch videos and analyze maps describing human settlement patterns in the Hudson Valley region, interactio...


The Dutch Influence in New Netherland

Students read about, and watch video segments about, the Dutch influence in New Netherland. Then they identify Dutc...