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Zoologist and Digital Storyteller: Lucy Cooke

Lucy Cooke travels across the globe to make certain animals stars. It has been her mission to find the ugly, misunderstood creatures and get people to...

Fearsome Frogs

Video. Invasive frogs become a problem for local species in Arizona.

Poison Dart Frog

Photo of a bright-red frog on a leaf.

Citizen Science Projects

Learn about how you can participate in citizen science projects.

Field-Based Environmental Service Learning

Find ways to engage students in environmental service learning projects in outdoor settings.

Glass Frog

Photo: Bright green frog with translucent skin

Fleischmann's Glass Frog

Close-up photo of a yellow-green frog.

Frog in a Bog

Photo: Frog in a bog, Maynard, Mass.

Saving the Creeps

Video. Emerging Explorer and zoologist Lucy Cooke is on a one-woman crusade to champion ugly and unloved creatures so vital to Earth's biodiversity....

Poison Dart Frog

Photo of a brightly colored frog.