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The Seabird's Cry

Join acclaimed author Adam Nicolson as he shares stories about the plight of 10 species of seabirds in an evening blurring the lines between science a...

Oil and Bird Populations

Students learn about wildlife diversity in the Gulf of Mexico, including different species of birds that live in or migrate through the Gulf of Mexico...

Birds, Feathers, and Oil

Students are introduced to the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Through a hands-on simulation, students explore how birds are affected by oil and how wi...

Northern Spotted Owl

Photo. Symbol of environmental conflict endures a changing political habitat.

Syrian Ibis

Wild Chronicles heads to Syria, where the northern bald ibis, feared extinct, has returned.

Carolina Parakeets Go Extinct

On February 21, 1918, the last Carolina parakeet died in captivity at the Cincinnati Zoo. 

National Bird Day

On January 5, 2008, the United States first celebrated National Bird Day.

International Vulture Awareness Day

On September 5, 2009, the world recognized the first International Vulture Awareness Day, which is celebrated each year on the first Saturday in Septe...

Outdoor Family Fun

Get ideas for fun family activities you can do outdoors.

Finding Urban Nature

Get ideas for spotting nature in cities.


Photo: Blue bird on a green plant.

Passenger Pigeon

Photo: Two stuffed and mounted birds in a naturalistic display.

Atlantic Puffin

Photo: A puffin standing in grass

Cape Vulture

Photo of a vulture in flight.

Hummingbird in Flight

Photo: A hummingbird with its wings outstretched

Exploring Vertebrate Classification

Students group vertebrates and share their reasoning in classifying them. They compare their approach to Linnaean and modern systems in order to explo...

Terminal Velocity

Skydivers chase the peregrine falcon's speed.

How Do Birds Navigate?

Complex reactions between a bird’s beak, eyes, brain, and ears allow it to accurately navigate across thousands of kilometers.

Eggshell Cracks

Photo. Thinning shells threatened raptors.

Cape Vultures

Nature's sanitation crew protects African plains.

Crittercam: Fishing with Emperors

Video. Penguins dive deep in Antarctica.

Machine-Gun Birds

We're being attacked! Or is that just a bird? Ornithologist Ed Scholes explains.

Photo Ark: Island Oddballs

Animals adapted to island life struggle to survive