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Wilderness Pilot: Travis Dalke

Wilderness pilot Travis Dalke has a bird's-eye view of the vast expanse of Alaskan wilderness—and he wants to take you with him.

Dog Sleds Deliver Medicine, Inspiring Iditarod

On February 2, 1925, a dog sled team delivered medicine to the town of Nome, Alaska, inspiring the annual Iditarod Trail Dog Sled Race.

Pebble Mine

Video. Proposed Alaska mine pits gold against salmon.

Short Activities - Middle School

Find two short hands-on activities designed to help middle school students understand that magnifying objects allows them to be seen in more detail an...

Work Begins on Alaska Oil Pipeline

On March 9, 1975, work began on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System.


Petroleum, or crude oil, is a fossil fuel and non-renewable source of energy.


Illustration. Moraine is the material left behind by a moving glacier.

Grizzlies of Alaska

Video. Wild Chronicles travels to America's North Country with one brave photographer who is looking for something beyond your "average bear."

Good Friday Earthquake

On March 27, 1964, the U.S. endured the most powerful earthquake in its history, Alaska’s so-called Good Friday earthquake, which was measured a...

Exxon Valdez Crashes

On March 24, 1989, an oil tanker called the Exxon Valdez accidentally crashed into a reef in Prince William Sound, Alaska.

1914 Alaska

Published in February 1914 with the article "The Nation's Undeveloped Resources," this map of Alaska contains an abundance of details showing growing ...

Glacier Bay

Photo: Mother and seal pup on a small iceberg.

Andrew Skurka: Trekking the Wild North

Video. From the Best of NG Live Collection: Get the inside story of the gear—and the grit—needed by National Geographic grantee Andrew Sku...

Arctic Tundra

Photo: Aerial of an orange landscape.

United States MapMaker Kit

Download, print, and assemble maps of the United States in a variety of sizes. The mega map occupies a large wall, or can be used on the floor. The ma...

Glacial Estuary

Photo: Glacier near an estuary.

Crittercam: Steller Sea Lions

Video. Scientists investigate a 'great mystery' of this endangered species.

Operation Breakthrough

On October 7, 1988, a hunter reported three gray whales trapped in pack ice near Point Barrow, Alaska. The rescue effort that followed, nicknamed &ldq...


Explore, customize, and download a 1-page black-and-white map of Alaska, United States of America.

Trans-Alaskan Pipeline

Picture of the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline


Photo: An Inuit girl holds a treat of muktuk--whale blubber and skin.