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Explorer ClassroomAGE 9-14 / Grade 3-8

Protecting our Oceans | The Pristine Seas Team

Celebrate Earth Day with members of the National Geographic Pristine Seas team! The world's marine ecosystems are suffering greatly from human impact. Learn how creating marine sanctuaries can preserve and improve the health of these vital ecosystems.
April 22, 2021  2:00 PM ET
About this Event

The ocean covers 70% of the planet and shelters an incredible diversity of life. It gives us food, jobs, and more than half the oxygen we breathe. We swim and sail it, travel to be near it, and dive to its depths so we can learn from it.

But we’re taking too many fish out of the ocean, polluting it, and making it warmer and more acidic. And less than 8% of it is protected.

The areas that Pristine Seas seeks to help protect are unique ecosystems that offer a window into the past, revealing what the ocean looked like before overfishing and pollution took their toll. It is essential that we let the world know that these places exist, that they are threatened, and that help is needed to protect them. 

This Earth Day, students can join Pristine Seas team members in this special Explorer Classroom event to learn about our ocean, the threats it's facing, and how they can help protect its future.

How to Participate

#ExplorerClassroom is for everyone! All events are free.

There are two ways to participate in the virtual event, as a featured class on screen or watching live on YouTube. If space is available, you may request to be a featured class during the registration process.

April 22, 2021
2:00 PM ET
Event Guide
Download the event guide to help your learners prepare for Explorer Classroom. Each guide includes background on the Explorer, related reading, extension activities and more.
How to Watch
Watch live via Youtube or participate on screen with Zoom. Register for details on how to join.