The gorgeous home of the Metropolitan Opera is part of the Lincoln Center arts complex in New York City, New York. The Metropolitan Opera House itself is home to two gorgeous paintings by Marc Chagall, created especially for the space and visible on the right and left in this photograph.

Photograph by A. Strakey, courtesy Fotopedia. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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    On September 16, 1966, the Metropolitan Opera opened in its new home, part of Lincoln Center in New York City, New York. Today, “the Met” is one of the most famous performance spaces in the world.
    Language is an important part of opera, and has been since the Met’s inception. When the organization was created in 1883, performances were entirely in Italian. Later, performances were entirely in German. Today, operas at the Met are usually performed in their original language—some in Italian, some in German, some in Russian, some in English, some in French . . . There are even “MetTitles” behind every seat in the theater, providing optional translations for most operas.
    The Metropolitan Opera House is home to more than opera. The venue has played host to ballet, classical music, comedy, and even the MTV Video Music Awards.
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    ballet Noun

    type of formal dance with detailed, precise movements.

    broadcast Verb

    to transmit signals, especially for radio or television media.

    classical music Noun

    formal Western European style of music, prolific in the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries.

    high-definition Adjective

    having to do with display of images that are more detailed than normal.

    inception Noun

    origin or start.

    language Noun

    set of sounds, gestures, or symbols that allows people to communicate.

    metropolitan Adjective

    having to do with a city or urban area.

    opera Noun

    comic or dramatic play in which all roles are sung.

    optional Adjective

    up to a person's choice.

    performance Noun

    entertaining act or presentation by a person or group of people.

    theater Noun

    building or outdoor space for hosting performances.

    translation Noun

    version of something in a new or different language from the original.

    venue Noun

    location of an event.