Pregnant women who have never had diabetes before but who have high blood glucose (sugar) levels during pregnancy are said to have gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes can lead to weight issues for the baby, such as this Texas infant—who weighed 16 pounds at birth.

Photograph by John Stanmeyer LLC, National Geographic
  • On November 14, 1991, the world first recognized World Diabetes Day. The United Nations recognized World Diabetes Day in 2007.
    Diabetes is one of the fastest-growing diseases in the world. Diabetes affects the body’s ability to regulate sugar. It is linked to complications including heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, and loss of eyesight. More than 300 million people live with diabetes, and it is responsible for more than a million deaths every year.
    Activities supporting World Diabetes Day include free diabetes screenings, walk-a-thons, and social media campaigns. One new event is “Go Blue for Breakfast,” focusing on the signature color of World Diabetes Day. Go Blue for Breakfast encourages participants to organize a healthy-eating activity “to highlight the importance of eating healthy to help prevent type 2 diabetes.”
  • Term Part of Speech Definition Encyclopedic Entry
    campaign Noun

    activities designed to achieve a social, political, or military goal.

    complication Noun

    something that introduces difficulty to an existing situation.

    diabetes Noun

    disease where the body is unable to produce or regulate certain types of carbohydrates.

    disease Noun

    harmful condition of a body part or organ.

    encourage Verb

    to inspire or support a person or idea.

    heart disease Noun

    illness affecting the heart and circulatory system.

    kidney Noun

    organ that removes the waste products from blood and helps regulate general health.

    organize Verb

    to coordinate and give structure to.

    recognize Verb

    to identify or acknowledge.

    regulate Verb

    to determine and administer a set of rules for an activity.

    screening Noun

    initial evaluation of an individual used to identify the presence of a disease.

    signature Adjective

    unique identifying feature or characteristic.

    social media Plural Noun

    online means of communication used by people to develop social and professional contacts.

    stroke Noun

    injury caused by a blood clot in the brain.

    United Nations Noun

    international organization that works for peace, security and cooperation.