Vincent van Gogh created more than 30 self-portraits over the course of his short career. This gorgeous example was created in 1889, just a year before his death.

Painting by Vincent van Gogh
  • On March 17, 1901, a retrospective of paintings by Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh were shown at a gallery in Paris, France. At this point, van Gogh’s work, a style called post-Impressionism, was already hugely influential among other artists, critics, and museum curators. The exhibit helped his work become more popular with the public. Today, van Gogh paintings are among the most valuable artworks in the world.

    Van Gogh, however, did not live to experience his success in the art world. Eleven years before the Paris retrospective, he had committed suicide.

  • Term Part of Speech Definition Encyclopedic Entry
    curator Noun

    person who designs, assembles, and manages an exhibit at a museum or other cultural center.

    Dutch Adjective

    coming from or having to do with the Netherlands (Holland).

    exhibit Noun

    display, often in a museum.

    gallery Noun

    area used to display groups of material organized by type.

    influential Adjective

    important; having the ability to lead the opinions or attitudes of others.

    public Adjective

    available to an entire community, not limited to paying members.