Secretariat (horse 1A, with jockey Ron Turcotte in blue-and-white checkerboard silks at far right) races with the pack at the 1973 Kentucky Derby.

Photograph by J. Bruce Baumann, National Geographic

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  • On June 9, 1973, Secretariat won the Belmont Stakes in Elmont, New York. The Belmont is the longest and final race in American thoroughbred horse racing’s “Triple Crown,” following the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes. Secretariat, nicknamed “Big Red” for his chestnut-colored coat, holds the course record in all three races.


    In the nearly 150-year history of the Triple Crown, 12 horses have won all three races. Only three of those 12 horses are not from Kentucky, although all are from the South.

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    coat Noun

    full body hair of an animal. Also called pelage.