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    On June 14, 1998, Michael Jordan clinched his sixth NBA championship with the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls’ victory over the Utah Jazz was the most-watched basketball game in history, with more than 72 million fans tuning in. It also proved to be both Jordan and coach Phil Jackson’s last game with the Bulls.
    The Bulls’ victory was not assured. Utah had won two of the previous five playoff games. In Game Six’s final minutes, Jordan, the man Utah Coach Jerry Sloan called “the greatest to ever play this game,” missed 14 of his last 17 shots. The Jazz were up by one point in the final minute. Jordan, working nearly alone, stole the ball, raced up the court, and took a 17-foot jump shot. The Bulls won, 87-86.
    Jordan retired later that year, although he came out of retirement to play two lackluster seasons for the Washington Wizards, the NBA team he managed. Jackson went on to coach the Los Angeles Lakers. Viewership of following season’s NBA finals (won by the San Antonio Spurs) was the lowest in history. 
  • Term Part of Speech Definition Encyclopedic Entry
    assure Verb

    to make certain.

    clinch Verb

    to settle decisively.

    lackluster Adjective

    dull or lacking vitality.

    NBA Noun

    (National Basketball Association) men's professional basketball league in North America.

    previous Adjective

    earlier, or the one before.

    retire Verb

    to voluntarily stop or reduce the number of hours worked.