CNN (Cable News Network) was the first media outlet devoted to 24-hour news coverage, but it certainly has not been the last. The 24-hour cycle now includes online and app updates.
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  • On June 1, 1980, CNN made its first broadcast. CNN (Cable News Network) was the first 24-hour news channel, and still broadcasts from its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. By providing constantly updated, live coverage of news events, CNN changed the way news is produced and consumed around the world. 
    Some of the events that established CNN as a major source of reliable information include the 1986 Challenger disaster and the 1991 Gulf War. CNN was the only television network to provide live coverage of the Challenger’s explosion, and the only network broadcasting from Iraq during the first Gulf War
    CNN is credited—or blamed—for creating the “24-hour news cycle,” which prioritizes fresh, new information. Today, the 24-hour news cycle includes not only television and traditional media such as radio and newspapers, but online reporting and app updates.
  • Term Part of Speech Definition Encyclopedic Entry
    broadcast Noun

    radio or television program.

    consume Verb

    to use up.

    disaster Noun

    terrible and damaging event.

    establish Verb

    to form or officially organize.

    explosion Noun

    violent outburst; rejection, usually of gases or fuel

    First Gulf War Noun

    (1990-1991) conflict in which the United States led a coalition of nations against Iraq in response to Iraq's invasion of Kuwait. Also called the Persian Gulf War and Operation Desert Storm.

    headquarters Noun

    place where an organization or project is chiefly located.

    media Noun

    means of mass communication, such as television or the Internet. Singular: medium.

    prioritize Verb

    to arrange in order of importance.

    produce Verb

    to create or bring into existence.

    reliable Adjective

    dependable or consistent.