JFK Stadium in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was one of the main venues for Live Aid, the massive benefit concert organized in 1985. (The other main venue was Wembly Stadium in London, England.)

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  • On July 13, 1985, one of the largest-ever television audiences watched the Live Aid benefit concert, broadcast from Wembley Stadium in London, England, and JFK Stadium in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Approximately 1.8 billion people in 150 countries viewed Live Aid. The event ultimately raised $140 million for relief efforts to combat the deadly famine in Ethiopia and other east African countries.

    Live Aid was far from the first global musical event to raise significant money for charity. A year earlier, the singles “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” and “We Are the World” brought together many of the same musicians who later performed at Live Aid. George Harrison’s 1971 Concert For Bangladesh raised funds to support those impacted by the Bhola cyclone.

    In 2005, the founders of Live Aid (Irish musician Bob Geldof and Scottish musician Midge Ure) organized “Live 8” concerts to raise poverty awareness. Many of the Live Aid performers, including Madonna and U2, returned for the events.

  • Term Part of Speech Definition Encyclopedic Entry
    approximately Adjective

    generally or near an exact figure.

    broadcast Verb

    to transmit signals, especially for radio or television media.

    charity Noun

    kindness or generosity.

    combat Verb

    to fight.

    cyclone Noun

    weather system that rotates around a center of low pressure and includes thunderstorms and rain. Usually, hurricanes refer to cyclones that form over the Atlantic Ocean.

    famine Noun

    an extreme shortage of food in one area during a long period of time.

    impact Noun

    collision or crash.

    performance Noun

    entertaining act or presentation by a person or group of people.

    poverty Noun

    status of having very little money or material goods.

    relief Noun

    the difference in elevation between areas of a specific region.

    significant Adjective

    important or impressive.