Workers began construction on the Brooklyn Bridge on January 3, 1870. In 2010, young New Yorkers were still navigating the iconic structure.

Photograph by Tizoc Gomez, courtesy The Urban Assembly New York Harbor School
  • On January 3, 1870, workers began construction on the Brooklyn Bridge. The bridge, designed by engineer John Augustus Roebling, is almost 1,830 meters (6,000 feet) long, spanning the East River between the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York. When it opened, the Brooklyn Bridge was the longest suspension bridge in the world, and was designed to be six times stronger than necessary. For several years, its towers were the tallest structures in the Western Hemisphere. Construction of the bridge took 13 years.

    Presently, the Brooklyn Bridge carries an average of 145,000 vehicles a day, and has a center lane for bicycles and pedestrians. During times of crisis in New York, the bridge is one of a very few ways for pedestrians to leave Manhattan Island.

  • Term Part of Speech Definition Encyclopedic Entry
    construction Noun

    arrangement of different parts.

    engineer Noun

    person who plans the building of things, such as structures (construction engineer) or substances (chemical engineer).

    Five Boroughs Noun

    nickname for New York City; the five boroughs are Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island.

    Western Hemisphere Noun

    area of the Earth west of the prime meridian and east of the International Date Line.