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  • On December 29, 1845, Texas became the 28th state in the United States. Formerly part of Mexico, Texas had been an independent country since 1836.

    Since its independence, Texas had sought annexation by the U.S. However, the process took nearly ten years due to political divisions over slavery. Texas entered the nation as a slave state, and seceded from it 15 years later as part of the Confederate States of America.

  • Term Part of Speech Definition Encyclopedic Entry
    annex Verb

    to add or incorporate land into an existing parcel, state, or nation.

    Confederate Adjective

    having to do with the Confederate States of America (south) during the Civil War.

    country Noun

    geographic territory with a distinct name, flag, population, boundaries, and government.

    independent Adjective

    free from influence, threat, or support.

    secede Verb

    to withdraw from part of a union or alliance.

    slave Noun

    person who is owned by another person or group of people.