Qatari scouts listen to the closing ceremony of the 22nd World Scout Jamboree in Rinkaby, Sweden. More than 40,000 members of the worldwide Scouting movement attended the jamboree.

Photograph by John Silva, courtesy World Organization of the Scout Movement. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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    On August 1, 1907, about 20 boys attended a weeklong camp on Brownsea Island off the coast of Dorset, southern England. Organized by British General Robert Baden-Powell, this camp is recognized as the start of the international Scouting movement.
    Camping, hiking, swimming, woodworking, orienteering, and other activities that started at Brownsea are still a part of the Scouting movement.
    The Scouting movement includes Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Girl Guides. More than 500 million people in more than 200 countries have been part of the Scouting program!
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    Boer War Noun

    (1880-1881, 1899-1902) one of two wars waged between the British Empire and independent states led by descendants of Dutch settlers (Boers) in South Africa. The First Boer War was won by the Boers, the second by the British.

    Christian Noun

    people and culture focused on the teachings of Jesus and his followers.

    coast Noun

    edge of land along the sea or other large body of water.

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    develop Verb

    to expand or grow.

    drill Noun

    practiced, repetitive exercise, usually a part of training for something.

    environment Noun

    conditions that surround and influence an organism or community.

    ingenuity Noun

    cleverness or resourcefulness.

    integrity Noun

    honor, or loyalty to moral and ethical principles.

    international Adjective

    having to do with more than one country.

    military Noun

    armed forces.

    organize Verb

    to coordinate and give structure to.

    orienteering Noun

    sport or activity where participants navigate a path or object using maps and compasses.

    participate Verb

    to take part in an activity.

    prayer Noun

    communication with a spiritual deity.

    recognize Verb

    to identify or acknowledge.

    scout Noun

    person sent to obtain information.

    Scouting Noun

    participating in the activities of the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts.

    survival skills Plural Noun

    techniques or abilities that may be used to help you or others survive a dangerous situation.