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As part of our investment in a healthier and more sustainable planet, the National Geographic Society has created a series of requests for proposals (RFPs) intended to focus our funding in science, education, and storytelling around certain key issues.

Our current RFPs

Find out more about our current Requests for Proposals below.
For detailed information about our grant application, please see the How to Apply page.

Documenting Human Migration

We seek proposals from around the world that use storytelling and education to inspire empathy and action from citizens of all ages and policy-makers around migrant and refugee communities.

Species Recovery

We seek proposals from around the world that will implement IUCN SSC Species Action Plans as well as conservation actions that are endorsed by the relevant IUCN SSC Species Specialist Group.

Big Cats Conservation

We seek proposals for field-based, action-oriented, and direct conservation efforts to halt the decline of the world’s big cats.

Reducing Marine Plastic Pollution

We seek proposals from around the world that aim to reduce plastic pollution before it reaches the ocean, using innovative solutions that have the potential to scale.

Making the Case for Nature

We seek proposals from around the world to advance the field of science communication by determining effective ways to market nature and inspire action.

Democratizing Science

We seek proposals from around the world that will engage learners and avocational researchers in citizen science activities to address real world problems, strengthen science literacy skills, and lead to actions in science and conservation.

Conservation Technologies

We seek proposals from around the world that will advance breakthrough technologies to scale National Geographic’s efforts to explore, visualize, understand, and ultimately protect the planet.


Please observe the following deadlines when submitting your application:

April 4, 2018
11:59 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time

How to Apply

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 Photograph (Top) by Gustavo Vela Turcott