National Geographic

Student Matinees

Bring Students Grades 2–12 on a Learning Adventure

Photograph of children at a student matinee

Photograph by Ben Gibbs

National Geographic Explorers, photographers, filmmakers, and scientists embody the importance of living curious, responsible, and empowered lives. We’re proud to present these inspiring role models through our student matinees.

Matinee presentations are approximately one hour long and include a short question and answer session with the speaker after their talk. National Geographic Live Student Matinees take place in various venues around the United States and in some international locations. Explore our matinee venues and speakers below. 

Meet Our Speakers

Each Student Matinee speaker has a collection of educational resources to complement his or her presentation, including classroom activities, reference content, videos, maps, and more. Use the resources below to enhance your students' matinee experience before and after the program.