Thank you to all who submitted for the Slingshot Challenge!
Submissions are now closed.

Awards will be announced on Wednesday, May 8, 2024.


We believe that no problem is unsolvable and that great ideas come from ALL places.
Our community of 13–18 year olds rose to the challenge and created 1-minute videos describing their ideas for solving environmental issues.

We believe that, together, our ideas can lead to taking action to protect our planet and improve our future.

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Meet the 2023 Award Recipients

Slingshot Community

Meet some of last year's applicants, view their video submissions, and see what makes the Slingshot Challenge so incredible: Ideas from youth like you.

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Slingshot Challenge is supported by the National Geographic Society and the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation and is an affiliate collaborator with The Earthshot Prize.

Photo credits (from top of page): Costanza Piccoli/National Geographic, Rolf Sjogren

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