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Pristine Seas
Give a gift today to help explore and protect our planet's threatened ocean ecosystems.

Exploring the Ocean

We’ve explored and documented some of the wildest places in the ocean and made unique discoveries.

Inspiring Marine Reserves

Our partnerships with country leaders, business leaders, NGOs, and local governments and communities are critical to our success. We have partnered with 122 different organizations and agencies across 23 countries and territories to inspire some of the largest marine reserves in the world.

Conducting Scientific Research

We publish our data, insights, and findings in renowned scientific journals in order to share our research findings and support other preservation projects.

Leveraging World-Class Expertise

Pristine Seas is made up of an extraordinary team of scientists, conservationists, filmmakers, and communication and policy experts.

Main photograph by Manu San Felix; Palau's Rock Islands Photograph by Stephen Alvarez;  Last Ice Area Photograph by Manu San Felix; team photograph by Manu San Felix