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Video: Protecting the Ocean Benefits Both People and Nature

Marine protected areas restore ocean life and provide a better future for everyone. Watch this video to understand how Pristine Seas has worked with communities and governments around the world to create 23 MPAs, covering 6.5 million square kilometers of ocean.


New Research in Published in Nature

The Pristine Seas team latest research published in the journal Nature. The study, Protecting the Global Ocean for Biodiversity, Food and Climate, answers the question of which places in the ocean should we protect for nature and people. The authors developed a novel framework to produce a global map of places that, if protected from fishing and other damaging activities, will produce multiple benefits to people: safeguarding marine life, boosting seafood production and reducing carbon emissions.


Inside the Ambitious Push to Protect a Third of the World’s Ocean

Learn about Pristine Seas’ work over the last decade from our recent story in National Geographic magazine.


Videos: What Happens When Explorers and Educators Connect?

This year, National Geographic Society connected local classrooms with our Emerging Explorers—a group of inspiring scientists, conservationists, and educators. With the guidance of incredible Nat Geo Certified Educators, the result was magic.


Learn About Pristine Seas' Educational Materials

Bring National Geographic Pristine Seas into classrooms through lesson plans, maps, and reference resources.


Pristine Seas on Instagram

Check out National Geographic Pristine Seas Instagram account and learn more about our impact and past expeditions.



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