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Photo Ark Education Events

Learn about explorer-led education projects from around the world

Java, Indonesia

Students participated in a BioBlitz where they honed their species identification techniques and showcased what they learned through writing, photography, and drawing.


Photograph by Rahayu Oktaviani

The joy of children seeing certain species is contagious, and it helps me to keep doing my work.

Screen capture from group photo taken at Mirza Kusrini's Photo Ark Challenge event in Indonesia, November 2017.

Mirza Kusrini
National Geographic Explorer, Herpetologist

Student Work

<p>A species identification&nbsp;logbook&nbsp;entry&nbsp;by Kay, age 13.</p>

A species identification logbook entry by Kay, age 13.

<p>A species profile about the Silvery gibbon&nbsp;by Yla, age 14.</p>

A species profile about the Silvery gibbon by Yla, age 14.

<p>&ldquo;Butterflies,&rdquo; a&nbsp;closing reflection&nbsp;by Tata, age 13. The closing text&nbsp;next to&nbsp;the stars&nbsp;in&nbsp;English:&nbsp;&ldquo;I&#39;m getting bolder with frogs and other things I was afraid of.&rdquo;</p>

“Butterflies,” a closing reflection by Tata, age 13. The closing text next to the stars in English: “I'm getting bolder with frogs and other things I was afraid of.”

Maroantsetra, Madagascar

Students went on nature hikes, created masks of species they saw along the way, and made a movie highlighting local endangered species and habitats.


Students geared up for a Photo Ark Challenge event in Madagascar

Photograph by Cortni Borgerson

Children are the key to conservation. We can forge a generation of citizens that are socially active and environmentally aware.

Picture of Cortni Borgerson

Cortni Borgerson
National Geographic Explorer, Anthropologist

Student Work

Picture of lemur mask made by V. Edico, age 13

A lemur mask made by V. Edico, age 13

Photograph by Cortni Borgerson

Picture of frog mask made by R. H. Faniah at the Photo Ark Education event in Madagascar

Picture of frog mask made by R. H. Faniah at the Photo Ark Education event in Madagascar.

Photograph by Cortni Borgerson

Nairobi, Kenya

Students learned about endemic species, practiced identification techniques with rangers, and performed conservation themed skits.


The “Eagles Are Cool” team at a waterfall in Karura Forest, Nairobi, Kenya.

Photograph by Washington Wachira

Everyone was very happy with the experience and many students were asking about how they can become scientists and rangers!


Washington Wachira
National Geographic Explorer, Conservationist

Student Work

University students playing the roles of rangers and tourists in their ecotourism skit.

Photograph by Wilfred Savali

Winners and judges of the "best actress" award. 

Photograph by Wilfred Savali

The Eagles team coming up with song lyrics for the music competition.

Photograph by Jordan Lim

Ek' Balam, Mexico

Students went on night hikes, set camera traps, created conservation murals, and presented them to the community. 



In my experience, girls don’t want to get dirty and collect specimens in the field. But these girls were hands on with everything from bats to bugs. They were warriors!

Daniela Cafaggi
National Geographic Explorer, Biologist

Student Work

Pricila and Russel making murals of local bird species.

Photograph by Jordan Lim

Students presenting their murals in the town center.

Photograph by Jordan Lim