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  • Dallas World Aquarium, Dallas, Texas, USA
  • Dallas World Aquarium, Dallas, Texas, USA

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Antillean Manatee

Trichechus manatus

Dallas World Aquarium, Dallas, Texas, USA

Jamal Galves


The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) recently conducted two Biological Status Reviews of the Florida manatee that involved comprehensive compilation and synthesis of population and range data, along with extensive modeling of population projections (FWC 2002, 2003; Haubold et al. 2006). In addition, the Manatee Population Status Working Group of the Florida Manatee Recovery and Implementation Team has produced a comprehensive Biological Population Assessment (MPSWG 2005).There are no statistically based estimates (with variance) of abundance for the entire Florida manatee population. The minimum documented abundance is determined from range-wide synoptic surveys which have been conducted nearly every winter ... Read More

Trichechus manatus latirostrisThreats to the Florida manatee encompass catastrophic natural events and anthropogenic factors that could cause declines in reproductive and survival rates or declines in the carrying capacity of the environment. Much of the following text is modified from the Biological Status Reviews for the Florida manatee (FWC 2002, Haubold et al. 2006).Anthropogenic ThreatsAbout half of adult mortality rangewide is attributable to human-related causes, primarily watercraft collisions (Ackerman et al. 1995, Deutsch et al. 2002). This is significant because the manatee population growth rate is highly sensitive to changes in adult survival rate (Eberhardt and O’Shea 1995, Marmontel et ... Read More

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