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  • Pure Aquariums, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
  • Pure Aquariums, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

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Royal Gramma Basslet

Gramma loreto

Pure Aquariums, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

Least Concern

This species is common between depths of one to 30 m (Randall 1967, Bohlke and Chaplin 1993). Over three years, Gramma populations showed a consistent annual cycle where density peaked in late summer and was lowest in early spring (Webster 2003). In the Gulf of Mexico, there is very little immigration and emigration to different populations experienced by the species according to observations by Webster in the central Bahamas, where the effect of intercohort competition on density dependency was studied (2004). Read More

There are no known major threats to this species. While it is a common aquarium species, it is currently being bred in captivity and the level of extraction from the wild has declined as a result. It has been found to comprise up to 5% of the diet of the invasive lionfish in the Bahamas and has also been recorded in its diet in the Mexican Caribbean, the Cayman Islands and likely throughout the remainder of its range (Morris and Akins 2009, Cote and Maljkovic 2010, Green et al. 2012, Valdez-Moreno et al. 2012, Green and Cote 2014, Villasenor-Derbez and ... Read More


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