This thematic map shows freshwater availability per person in countries around the world, in 2007. To calculate the availability of freshwater per person, specialists must take into account annual rainfall in a country and the amount of water used by households, industry, farming, and other uses, as well as the measurement of a country's area and the size of the population in that country. By studying the map, you and your students can begin to ask and answer geographic questions about these factors. As populations in some countries continue to rise, the number of people affected by water stress and water scarcity is expected to rise sharply.

Map copyright © 2008, United Nations Environment Programme
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The Role of Water in the Generation of Electricity
The Role of Water in the Generation of Electricity Activity

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6 - 8

Earth Science, English Language Arts, Geography

3 minutes, 20 seconds

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Students discuss what freshwater is and use maps to predict and identify places around the world where it is scarce. They read about the role of water use and consumption in the generation of electricity. Based on a scenario, they research and analyze the impact of a specific energy resource in a specific location on the availability of freshwater.