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National Geographic is Expanding the Field

Meet some of our outstanding female Explorers

For more than 130 years, National Geographic has invested in bold people and transformative ideas across the globe, striving to build a diverse community of explorers working to create a planet in balance. On International Women’s Day, we're celebrating all the women who fearlessly push boundaries and inspire the next generation of changemakers. Who will you inspire?

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About the National Geographic Society

The National Geographic Society is a leading nonprofit that invests in bold people and transformative ideas in the fields of exploration, scientific research, storytelling and education. Through our grants and programs, we aspire to create a community of change, advancing key insights about our planet and probing some of the most pressing scientific questions of our time while ensuring that the next generation is armed with geographic knowledge and global understanding. Our goal is measurable impact: furthering exploration and educating people around the world to inspire solutions for the greater good. For more information, visit www.nationalgeographic.org.