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  • Wild Chronicles tags along with one man whose job is to keep the peace in a place where humans and animals live "cheek to jowl." Florida is home to about a million alligators, and these reptiles are in fierce competition with humans for the Sunshine State's prime real estate. The clashes can be comical, but sometimes they're deadly.

    1. What does Bobby, the trapper, use to lure the alligator from the pond?

      Bobby uses a cow's heart as bait.

    2. Perran, the biologist, analyzes an alligator's stomach contents to see what it's been eating. What does he find?

      Perran identifies the remains of a turtle and several fish.

    3. Perran and his team raise alligator hatchlings in the lab, and then release them in the wild. How many of these baby alligators survive?

      Only about 20 percent of the hatchlings survive their first year in the wild.

  • Term Part of Speech Definition Encyclopedic Entry
    alligator Noun

    reptile native to the southeast United States and parts of China.

    real estate Noun

    property and the business of buying, selling, and developing land.

    reptile Noun

    animal that breathes air and usually has scales.