• Wild Chronicles joins National Geographic Editor-in-Chief Chris Johns as he chases cheetahs through the wilds of Botswana, Africa—one of the last windows into the cheetah's world. But chasing cheetahs is no easy job—it takes weeks of tracking, patiently waiting, and battling frustration. For Chris, the wait is worth it. When a mother and cubs start trusting Chris more than he ever expected, he gets an up-close encounter with the legendary cheetah, and the pictures he's been waiting for his entire career.

    1. Chris is photographing cheetahs in the Moremi Wildlife Reserve in Botswana. Where does his journey begin?

      Chris and Dave drive to Botswana from South Africa.

    2. What animals, besides cheetahs, inhabit the Moremi Wildlife Reserve?

      This video shows elephants, cape buffalo, giraffes, zebras, and gazelles in the reserve.

    3. Chris and Dave see a female cheetah on their first day in the reserve. How many cubs are with this cheetah?

      The female cheetah has five cubs.

    4. Chris says that it is possible cheetahs may be extinct in his lifetime. What does he say is the greatest threat to cheetahs today?

      Loss of habitat is the greatest threat to the world's cheetah population.

    5. Cheetahs can accelerate up to 60 miles per hour (mph). How long can they sustain such speeds?

      Cheetahs can sprint for about 200-300 yards.

  • Term Part of Speech Definition Encyclopedic Entry
    cheetah Noun

    large, spotted cat native to Africa.

    editor Noun

    person who regulates and manages the language and concepts of a publication.

    wildlife Noun

    organisms living in a natural environment.