Busanga Swamp sits inside Kafue National Park in Zambia, Africa. Even in the dry season, this swamp does not dry out because small rivers run into it from higher ground. Busanga Swamp is home to many animals, including the lechwe, the waterbuck, the African bush elephant, the African buffalo, the crocodile, and the monitor lizard. The fact that this location is wet year-round means that it is difficult for lions to hunt here.

  1. What characteristics of lions hinder them from hunting successfully in Busanga Swamp?

  2. What adaptations give the lechwe an advantage in Busanga Swamp?

  3. Predict ways the lions could be successful while hunting in Busanga Swamp.


branch of biology that studies the relationship between living organisms and their environment.


large cat native to sub-Saharan Africa and Gir Forest National Park, India.


land permanently saturated with water and sometimes covered with it.