Bluefin tuna are huge, powerful fish that have been living in the Atlantic Ocean for at least 40 million years. The species' population has dropped dramatically due to overfishing. Fishers keep up with the demand for the tuna meat, which is usually eaten sushi-style—raw. In the United States, fishing of bluefin tuna is highly regulated.

  1. How does bluefin tuna fishing in the United States compare with fishing of the species in other countries?

  2. In the United States, what regulations are in place to prevent overfishing of bluefin tuna?

  3. Why must bluefin tuna be a minimum size in order for fishers to take them?

commercial fishing

industry responsible for catching and selling fish.


industry or occupation of harvesting fish, either in the wild or through aquaculture.

fishing ground

large area of the ocean where fish can usually be caught.

fish stock

amount of fish available to be harvested in a specific area at a specific time.


to give birth to.

spawning grounds

area where fish come each year to reproduce.