Wicked Tuna's fishermen weigh in on the state of the herring population off the coast of Gloucester.

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  • The major food source for bluefin tuna is a small, silver fish called herring. Herring are common in the waters of the northeastern United States and southeastern Canada. Herring has been fished in the North Atlantic for hundreds of years and is typically canned for humans to eat, or used in fishmeal for feeding livestock or in fish farms.

    1. Why are bluefin tuna fishers concerned about herring?

      Herring are the major food source for bluefin tuna.

    2. How did the bluefin tuna respond to lower herring populations?

      The bluefin tuna went to areas with more food, such as in Canadian waters.

    3. Why have the bluefin tuna come back to Northeast waters?

      The National Marine Fisheries Service has placed new regulations on herring boats. These regulations have resulted in greater numbers of herring, and the return of bluefin tuna following food into United States coastal waters.

  • Term Part of Speech Definition Encyclopedic Entry
    commercial fishing Noun

    industry responsible for catching and selling fish.

    fishery Noun

    industry or occupation of harvesting fish, either in the wild or through aquaculture.

    fish stock Noun

    amount of fish available to be harvested in a specific area at a specific time.

    herring Noun

    type of fish.

    population Noun

    total number of people or organisms in a particular area.

    predator Noun

    animal that hunts other animals for food.

    trawl Verb

    to fish by dragging a large net along the bottom of the body of water.