Hannah Reyes Morales embodies what National Geographic recognizes as the “explorer mindset.” The National Geographic Learning Framework is the cornerstone of all National Geographic Education programs and it describes the key attitudes, skills, and knowledge that encompass the mindset of a National Geographic Explorer.

In this video, Hannah summarizes her journey to becoming a photographer, and articulates ideas about what makes a great photograph, focusing on the intersecting qualities of connection, empathy, and resilience.

We invite educators to register in the free self-paced online course “Storytelling for Impact in Your Classroom: Photography”. This course is one in a series of five courses of the National Geographic Education program Storytelling for Impact. The course will provide educators with a deep understanding of the power of storytelling, the strength of photography as a visual tool with which to tell a story, and the value of photography as an instructional tool in their classroom. 

"Storytelling for Impact in Your Classroom: Photography” was developed in partnership with Adobe, a champion for creativity and the power of storytelling.


person who studies unknown areas.


art and science of producing still or moving images using the chemical reaction of light on a sensitive surface, such as film or an electronic sensor.


use of visual, literary, auditory, or other creative media to educate, inform, entertaining, or inspire an audience to take action.