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Where do the fish and shellfish on your plate come from? Fishing is a global industry, and seafood is imported from all over the world. Some types of fish, like salmon and tuna, are even caught or harvested in more than one part of the world. Having so many choices can be delicious, but it also means that many species are being imported from unsustainable fisheries.

Use this page to explore where your favorite types of fish are harvested—you might discover that it is easier to record where your seafood doesn't come from! Use your findings to avoid buying seafood from places where populations are being overharvested.

Want more? This page is a selection from Mission:Explore Food—Sustainable Seafood by The Geography Collective. Visit our Mission:Explore Food—Sustainable Seafood page for the complete set of ocean-related missions. Looking for other types of activities? Check out The Geography Collective's website for more themed Mission:Explore adventures.


the gathering and collection of crops, including both plants and animals.


to bring in a good or service from another area for trade.


to use more of a resource than can be replaced naturally.

sustainable seafood

fish, shellfish, and other aquatic organisms harvested from fish farms or fisheries that can be maintained without damaging the ecosystem.