• A glacier is a huge mass of ice that moves slowly over land. Can you spot the glacial features in the photo gallery above? Use the "Vocabulary" tab for some help!
      • alpine glacier
      • tidewater glacier
      • fjord
      • terminal moraine
      • till
      • tarn
      • iceberg
      • snout
    The images in this gallery were collected from two satellites orbiting the Earth: the IKONOS and GeoEye-1 satellites operated and maintained by GeoEye.
  • Term Part of Speech Definition Encyclopedic Entry
    alpine glacier Noun

    mass of ice that moves downward from a mountain.

    fjord Noun

    long, narrow ocean inlet between steep slopes.

    Encyclopedic Entry: fjord
    glacial activity Noun

    process of a glacier moving and changing the landscape.

    glacial lake Noun

    body of water created by a melting glacier.

    glacier Noun

    mass of ice that moves slowly over land.

    Encyclopedic Entry: glacier
    iceberg Noun

    large chunks of ice that break off from glaciers and float in the ocean.

    Encyclopedic Entry: iceberg
    snout Noun

    end of a glacier.

    tarn Noun

    mountain lake formed by a melting glacier.

    terminal moraine Noun

    material deposited at the end of a glacier. Also called an end moraine.

    tidewater glacier Noun

    mass of moving ice that eventually reaches the ocean.

    till Noun

    rock, earth, and gravel left behind by a retreating or melting glacier.