Wild Chronicles follows a wildlife documentary filmmaker who has become a modern-day Robinson Crusoe when he sets up camp on a remote island off the coast of Mexico. During his 40 days as a lone castaway, some unexpected treasures turn up.

  • Lance, the modern-day castaway, survived alone on the island for 41 days. Robinson Crusoe was shipwrecked for 28 years, although he had brief interactions with many people.
  • Defoe was inspired to write Robinson Crusoe after hearing the story of Alexander Selkirk. Selkirk was a sailor who was stranded alone on a remote island for four years.
  • Lance survived on Clipperton Atoll, a posession of France located hundreds of miles west of Central America. The fictional Robinson Crusoe was stranded near the Caribbean island of Trinidad. Alexander Selkirk survived on the largest island in the Juan Fernandez Archipelago, off the coast of Chile. The island is now called Robinson Crusoe Island.
  • Robinson Crusoe was wildly successful, inspiring many sequels, translations, and spinoffs. It was the most popular novel written in English until the 20th century, and has never gone out of print.

edge of land along the sea or other large body of water.

documentary filmmaker

person who makes non-fiction movies or television programs.


body of land surrounded by water.


distant or far away.


organisms living in a natural environment.