In India, the frightening scenario of a shark attack has a twist. The victims aren’t in the ocean . . . they’re waist-deep in a river. Wild Chronicles joins National Geographic researchers at the Bay of Bengal to find out why sharks are attacking in freshwater.

  1. Many Indians fish in the Bay of Bengal, a bull shark habitat. What are they fishing for?

    • Answer

      Shrimp is the primary fishery.

  2. How does Rocky, the biologist, determine the fish bought at a local market are bull sharks?

  3. Bull sharks spend most of their lives in the ocean. Why does Rocky think they migrate to freshwater habitats?

    • Answer

      Rocky thinks that bull sharks migrate to freshwater so females can give birth where they are safer from other sharks. He also says that rivers provide an environment that bull sharks are "good at dealing with, and other sharks just aren't."


having to do with a habitat or ecosystem of a lake, river, or spring.


large body of salt water that covers most of the Earth.


large stream of flowing fresh water.


predicted sequence of events.


predatory fish.