This PowerPoint presentation highlights several different engineering fields -- from civil engineers to biomedical engineers to forensic engineers. The goal of this presentation is to raise students' awareness about the diversity in engineering careers and the ways in which engineers make a difference. The slides are designed to provide a quick overview, so you don't need to linger on any slides, unless you have specific information you would like to add. 


This resource is provided as a packaged presentation (the first 16 slides) plus two styles of slide templates that can be customized for your classroom visit. We suggest that you use these extra slides to insert a photo of yourself at work, an image of what you do in your job, or other content to personalize your presentation. You can also add slides specific to the hands-on activity you do with students. Instructions for customizing the presentation are detailed in the Engineer Guide.


You are encouraged to make this presentation your own. Customize it as you wish.