Planet Food is an online educational interactive that highlights the complexity and global nature of the food we eat. The interactive has two parts.

In Make a Meal, students select tableware common in different parts of the world and put food on the tableware. They then see a map showing how far each food may have traveled to get to their plate. Students earn badges by making meals based on various geographic parameters.

In Chocolate Challenge, students watch short videos to learn about the steps in the production of chocolate and make decisions along the way. Students can earn badges by playing again, making decisions based on different goals each time. Planet Food provides an opportunity for students to explore the complexities of the global food system from several perspectives.

Use this educator guide to engage students in Grades 6-10 with the interactive in a variety of settings both in and out of the classroom. The guide includes information about the role of the facilitator, as well as gameplay setup for independent play, small group play, and whole-class play. Activity ideas and discussion questions are organized into before, during, and after gameplay.


Wallace Genetic Foundation