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  • As the newly elected mayor of your own city, you'll lead the effort to build it into the greenest, most energy-efficient city in the world!


    Plan It Green will expand your knowledge and design skills as you plan and build your city. Along the way, you will:

    • Build new energy technologies and advance energy reserach.
    • Rack up points based on eco-friendliness, energy production, citizen happiness, and more.
    • Compete with other "mayors" for the highest city rating.
    • Tackle challenging quests and earn rewards for your outstanding achievements.
    • Advance through game levels by exploring and building a diverse energy portfolio.
    • Join a circle of friends and participate in group quests.


    Play now!


    Use game promo code LEARN to receive a one-time-only bonus of 10 hearts—valuable currency in the game. Just click the PROMO tab after logging in, type in the promo code, and your bonus hearts will be activated.



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