Allison Fuisz is a middle school teacher of geography, history, French, and science at Bell High School in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She’s also a National Geographic Grosvenor Teacher Fellow, a National Geographic teacher certification mentor, and she participated in the 2019 National Geographic and Lindblad Expeditions in Iceland. Allison’s multidisciplinary approach to learning aims to integrate technology with subject matter in ways that foster a deeper emotional connection for her students. Currently, she’s mixing photography with fiction and nonfiction storytelling to spark the curiosity and imagination of her students.

We invite educators to register in the free self-paced online course “Storytelling for Impact in Your Classroom: Photography”. This course is one in a series of five courses of the National Geographic Education program Storytelling for Impact. The course will provide educators with a deep understanding of the power of storytelling, the strength of photography as a visual tool with which to tell a story, and the value of photography as an instructional tool in their classroom. 

"Storytelling for Impact in Your Classroom: Photography” was developed in partnership with Adobe, a champion for creativity and the power of storytelling.


person who studies unknown areas.


art and science of producing still or moving images using the chemical reaction of light on a sensitive surface, such as film or an electronic sensor.


use of visual, literary, auditory, or other creative media to educate, inform, entertaining, or inspire an audience to take action.