Pebble Mine

  • Alaska is filled with extraordinary wildlife, as well as valuable natural resources.

    Wild Chronicles travels to Bristol Bay, site of a proposed gold-mining pit, and the center of raging debate. Geologists claim there are billions of dollars worth of gold to be had, but biologists fear a devastating spill of toxic mining chemicals could threaten the wild sockeye salmon population.

    1. What are the benefits of a gold mine in Bristol Bay?

      A gold mine would provide hundreds of jobs, improving the economy of the region.

    2. How large would Pebble Mine be?

      Pebble Mine would be an open pit about two miles long and 528 meters (1,700 feet) deep.

    3. A leak or spill from Pebble Mine would endanger the local sockeye salmon population. What is another danger of such a spill?

      A spill could contaminate freshwater resources. As Jack, a native of Bristol Bay, says, "Pure water is more precious than gold."

  • Term Part of Speech Definition Encyclopedic Entry
    biologist Noun

    scientist who studies living organisms.

    debate Verb

    to argue or disagree in a formal setting.

    geologist Noun

    person who studies the physical formations of the Earth.

    gold Noun

    valuable chemical element with the symbol Au.

    mining Noun

    process of extracting ore from the Earth.

    natural resource Noun

    a material that humans take from the natural environment to survive, to satisfy their needs, or to trade with others.

    population Noun

    total number of people or organisms in a particular area.

    toxic Adjective


    valuable Adjective

    worth a considerable amount of money or esteem.

    wildlife Noun

    organisms living in a natural environment.