The palace is located within Shahriyar Ark, constructed c 1080CE, in the northeast of the city of Sultan Kala.


The palace is the largest building complex within the citadel. Although much is currently buried or eroded, the size of the palatial building is clear from satellite imagery as well as terrestrial observations. The palace still has several identifiable rooms, some of which feature unique checkerboard-pattern brickwork on the walls, arranged around a large central courtyard, possibly with a fountain in the center. The palace would have had a commanding view from its elevated platform of the open area to the north, thought to be formal gardens.


The palace, the most important building in the citadel, was built on a mound in the center. It was probably entered from the east, presumably via a courtyard connecting the palace to the street, which ran due north from the south gate into the citadel. Low areas to north and south of the palace were probably gardens, while mounded areas to the west represent additional buildings.