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The ocean plays a critical role in everyone's life, no matter where they are located. Covering 70 percent of our planet, the ocean provides the oxygen we breathe and the food we eat. These hidden connections are made very tangible through the food on our plates. Seafood is a staple diet of more than one billion people worldwide, and nearly as many rely on fish and shellfish as their main source of income.


With all these dependencies on its resources, the ocean is heavily strained. More than 75 percent of the world's fisheries are currenlty overfished and being depleted faster than their populations can replenish. Scientists predict that if fishing rates continue as they have been, all of the world's fisheries will have collapsed by the year 2048. The primary issues affecting the sustainability of marine fisheries include overfishing, illegal fishing, habitat damage, bycatch, and management.


These 20 seafood-related missions find their basis in your local community and explore some of the issues our ocean is facing in a fun, hands-on way. Everyone is connected to the ocean and Mission:Explore Food—Sustainable Seafood makes these connections apparent through personal discovery, investigation, and adventure. Dive into the ocean-y secrets of your kitchen, backyard, and grocery store if you dare!



Download Mission:Explore Food—Sustainable Seafood to use in its entirety, or select individual missions to complete one-by-one.

  • cover page
  • page 2: introductory letter to educators
  • page 3: introductory letter to explorers
  • page 4: Don't bite endangered fish
  • page 5: Spot where you don't get seafood
  • page 6: Good hunting
  • page 7: Traffic light your seafood
  • page 8: Go fishing
  • page 9: Watch another animal harvest seafood
  • page 10: Hold an overharvest festival
  • page 11: Innovate with seaweed
  • page 12: Delicious dilemmas
  • page 13: Cook in acid
  • page 14: Map your seafood recipes
  • page 15: Design a sustainable seafood menu
  • page 16: Alien attack
  • page 17: Draw a cooking tree
  • page 18: Cook your seafood by...
  • page 19: Capture a crustacean
  • page 20: Experiment with diets
  • page 21: Ditch your packaging
  • page 22: Smells fishy
  • page 23: Explore like a...


Mission:Explore Food—Seafood is adapted from Mission:Explore FOOD. For more adventures, check out the original from Mission:Explore.


available supply of materials, goods, or services. Resources can be natural or human.


use of resources in such a manner that they will never be exhausted.

sustainable seafood

fish, shellfish, and other aquatic organisms harvested from fish farms or fisheries that can be maintained without damaging the ecosystem.