A sign in a McDonald's restaurant in Hong Kong advertises "Extra Value Meals" in both Cantonese and English. Many multinational corporations sell products and have locations around the world, so they must advertise in dozens of languages. McDonald's, for instance, has restaurants in 119 countries.

Photograph by Sidney Hastings

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    • McDonald's has more than 31,000 restaurants in 119 countries. Many restaurants adapt menus to suit local tastes and traditions.
    • McDonald's opened its first restaurant in Hong Kong in 1975. Today, the chain serves about 400,000 Hong Kongers every day.
    • McDonald's in Hong Kong features burgers served on fried rice cakes, as well as buns.
    • Adding local flavor to a world favorite, Hong Kong McDonald's offers Green Tea and Red Bean sundaes.
    • Sausage and Egg Twisty Pasta, another menu item from Hong Kong McDonald's, is a breakfast dish that includes fried egg and sausage served on top of pasta that has been cooked with vegetables in chicken broth.
    • Chocolate pie is also on the menu at McDonald's in Hong Kong.
    • In 2011, McDonald's restaurants in Hong Kong became the first to offer wedding packages. For about $1,300, the restaurant will host and cater a wedding party. The bride, groom, and guests dine on burgers, and take home goody bags filled with plush McDonald's characters. They toast the happy couple with milkshakes, not champagne.
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    culture Noun

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    diet Noun

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