The Wild Animal Sanctuary was founded in 1980 and is the oldest and largest sanctuary in the United States dedicated to saving endangered large carnivores. Currently the sanctuary shelters about 350 animals. 

  1. Why can't lions raised in captivity just be released into the wild?

    • Answer

      The lions were raised by people and haven't learned basic survival skills. Also, the lions' natural habitat is shrinking, making it hard for even wild lions to survive.

  2. How can Kobu be accepted into the lion pride at the sanctuary?

    • Answer

      Kobu needs to submit to the dominant male lion by putting his head down and not challenging him.

  3. What other types of animals are living in this sanctuary?

    • Answer

      The sanctuary is home to large carnivores like tigers, bears, and wolves.

  4. If you were in charge of moving a lion in captivity to another sanctuary, what precautions would you take to make sure the lion arrived safely?

    • Answer

      Here are some of the precautions the staff took when they moved Kobu:

      • overall health check-up
      • sedation-medicine to make him fall asleep
      • lots of fluids
      • special carrying crate made for animals of his size


organism threatened with extinction.

exotic pet

rare or wild animal kept for human comfort.


environment where an organism lives throughout the year or for shorter periods of time.


large cat native to sub-Saharan Africa and Gir Forest National Park, India.


protected area where wildlife can live and breed without threat from hunting.