Kayaking the Rapids of Upper Kali

  • Hold on tight as Wild Chronicles takes on some of our planet's wildest rivers, running adrenaline-rushing rapids from Canada to Nepal. More than a physical challenge, running rapids in steep canyons is also a mental quest where mistakes can be fatal.

    1. The kayakers in this video visit three rivers. Where are they?

      The kayakers paddle on the Stikine River, Canada; the Kali Gandaki, Nepal; and the Yarlung Tsangpo, Tibet.

    2. A National Geographic researcher died while navigating the Yarlung Tsangpo. He was caught in one of the rapids' "holes." What is a "hole"?

      A hole is an area of a river where the water can suck a kayaker into a whirlpool, making it very difficult to escape.

    3. The kayakers navigated the Kali Gandaki, an area that has been closed to outsiders for years. What was the purpose of their trip?

      The kayakers were testing to see if the river could be a safe, reliable, and economically feasible transportation or shipping corridor.

  • Term Part of Speech Definition Encyclopedic Entry
    canyon Noun

    deep, narrow valley with steep sides.

    Encyclopedic Entry: canyon
    rapids Noun

    areas of fast-flowing water in a river or stream that is making a slight descent.

    Encyclopedic Entry: rapids
    river Noun

    large stream of flowing fresh water.

    Encyclopedic Entry: river