Hidden just beneath the waves of the Caribbean Sea lies a treasure trove of sea creatures in a fantastic underwater world. Circling the intricate coral reefs are creatures great and small. Wild Chronicles gets up close and personal with the denizens that call these waters home.

  1. The coral reefs of the Carribbean Sea are home to hundreds of animals. More than a dozen were shown or mentioned in this video. How many can you name?

    • Answer

      Animals mentioned in the video include:

      • corals (cnidarians)
      • reef sharks (fish)
      • black grouper (fish)
      • cleaner gobies (fish)
      • tiger grouper (fish)
      • Pederson shrimp (crustaceans)
      • humpback whales (mammals)
      • loggerhead sea turtles (reptiles)
      • barracudas (fish)
      • yellowtail snapper (fish)
      • Carribbean reef squid (cephalopods)
      • Creole wrasse (fish)


      Animals shown, but not mentioned in the video, include:

      • rays (fish)
      • Harlequin bass (fish)
      • fairy basslet (fish)
      • Atlantic blue tang (fish)
      • lobsters (crustaceans)
      • sperm whales (mammals)
      • jellies (cnidarians)
      • angelfish (fish)
      • halibut (fish)
      • dolphins (mammals)

coral reef

rocky ocean features made up of millions of coral skeletons.


very detailed and complex.


large part of the ocean enclosed or partly enclosed by land.


moving swell on the surface of water.