This video was filmed on March 24, 2012 as part of the National Geographic Live! Lecture series at National Geographic Society headquarters in Washington, D.C.


National Geographic engineers developed a tiny camera to show us what it's like to fly with a colugo—better known as a flying lemur. Eric Berkenpas is lead engineer of a small engineering team that develops specialized equipment to help National Geographic media groups, collaborating researchers, and explorers meet their technology needs in the field.


  • The challenge: making a tiny camera (start-1:26 min.)
  • Video: flying with a colugo (1:27-2:04 min.)

Strategies for Using Video in a Variety of Learning Environments

  • Have students preview several of the videos and choose the one they find most inspiring. Have students describe in writing a conversation they might have with the speaker(s).
  • Freeze the video on a relevant image. Have students observe details in the still image and jot down predictions of what the full video might address. Discuss students’ ideas before and after watching the video.
  • Pose an open-ended question before students watch the video, and have them discuss their ideas before and after in small groups.
  • Have students determine what they think the key message of this video is. Was the speaker effective in getting his or her message across?
  • Show a short clip to engage students during class, and then have students watch the full video at home and write a paragraph responding to the content or a question you give them.
  • Have students note statements that represent facts or opinions, including where it’s difficult to tell the difference. What further research might help distinguish facts vs. opinions? How might the speaker’s viewpoint compare with others’ viewpoints about a topic?

person who plans the building of things, such as structures (construction engineer) or substances (chemical engineer).


the art and science of building, maintaining, moving, and demolishing structures.


to move smoothly and seemingly without effort.


type of small mammal (primate).


animal with hair that gives birth to live offspring. Female mammals produce milk to feed their offspring.