For 24 hours in Saguaro National Park in 2011, a pop-up community shared an unforgettable experience working together to observe, record, and identify as many different species as possible. It was a bioblitz on an epic scale that gave students, scientists, families, and volunteers a unique opportunity to engage with Saguarno National Park like never before. This BioBlitz was one of ten to be held around the country between 2007 and 2016, when the National Park Service will celebrate its 100th birthday.  Join in the excitement and adventure through this short video that captures the variety of experiences to be had during the 2011 BioBlitz.
  • At BioBlitz 2011 in Saguaro National Park, scientists and citizen scientists alike spent 24 hours on a biodiversity "blitz," trying to identify as many unique species as possible. Through exploration, collaboration, and technological innovation, participants were able to observe, identify, record and share their discoveries. In this video, we'll get a glimpse of the diversity of experiences—and individuals—that make BioBlitz an adventure like no other!

    1. Who participated in this BioBlitz?

      Like many bioblitzes, students and kids of all ages participated in this BioBlitz, along with their teachers, friends, and families. They work side-by-side with scientists and volunteers to identify species and create a "biodiversity snapshot" of the park at that time.

    2. How long was the 2011 BioBlitz in Saguaro National Park?

      This BioBlitz was 24 hours long.

    3. If you did a bioblitz in your backyard, what kinds of plants and animals might you find? Where would you look to find them?

      Answers will vary. A typical backyard may have animals such as bugs, worms, mammals, and birds, and plants such as grass, moss, vegetables, and trees. In addition to what's visible immediately, you can look under rocks, in ponds or puddles, and in trees, to find more species.

  • Term Part of Speech Definition Encyclopedic Entry
    bioblitz Noun

    a field study in which groups of scientists and citizens study and inventory all the different kinds of living organisms within a given area.

    Encyclopedic Entry: bioblitz
    biodiversity Noun

    all the different kinds of living organisms within a given area.

    Encyclopedic Entry: biodiversity
    citizen science Noun

    science project or program where volunteers who are not scientists conduct surveys, take measurements, or record observations.

    Encyclopedic Entry: citizen science
    national park Noun

    geographic area protected by the national government of a country.

    National Park Service Noun

    U.S. federal agency with the mission of caring "for special places saved by the American people so that all may experience our heritage."

    Rocky Mountains Noun

    mountain range in the western United States and Canada.