Human Impact on the Cloud Forest Activity

Use the resources in the gallery above to introduce students to the cloud forest canopy and how humans are impacting this biodiverse ecosystem. The first downloadable PDF, Human Impact On The Cloud Forest, contains the activity instructions. The second PDF, Human Impact on the Cloud Forest: Cloud Forest Examination, is a handout that students will use during this activity. The Cloud Forest Introduction video should be used in conjunction with the third downloadable PDF, An Introduction To Tropical Montane Cloud Forests, to introduce students to background information about the cloud forest. The next resource, Remnant Trees Interactive Panoramic Photo, is an interactive panoramic photo with embedded videos. Students can explore this photo to learn about the flora and fauna in the Costa Rican cloud forest.


About Canopy in the Clouds


In a few rare places on our planet, the clouds touch the ground and wrap themselves around the trees. Fern trees grow and monkeys climb through the canopy. These places, known as tropical montane cloud forests, are among the most beautiful and biodiverse ecosystems on the planet, they are also among the most endangered. 


With funding from the National Geographic Young Explorers Grant Program, tropical ecologist Greg Goldsmith, photographer Drew Fulton, and cinematographer Colin Witherill set out to tell the story of the tropical montane cloud forests of Monteverde, Costa Rica. The result is Canopy in the Clouds, an award-winning science education website with interactive multimedia resources for teachers and students to learn about earth and life sciences from the perspective of one of the most fascinating places on the planet.